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Game Alert – Road Redemption

Road Redemption

I can't contain my excitement for this one... Road Redemption is currently in Early Access status on Steam and I immediately screamed "HERE TAKE ALL MY MONIES!!!" Some of you may be SO confused as to why I am so excited for this one. I have two words for you: ROAD RASH. If you aren't familiar with Road Rash then you were not born in the 80s and definitely missed out on the Sega experience. Many hours of my youth, and you may find this surprising (BWHAHAHA), were spent gaming: PC gaming, console gaming and tabletop gaming. Go figure, right?

Road Redemption is sure to bring back some awesome memories and looks (I haven't played it yet) to be an updated port of the classic game. As it stands now there are only about 10-15 hours of game play. As I mentioned before, it is in Early Access. Now to convince the wife to let me spend $20 on a game that isn't finished yet. You know what, I am probably better off not telling her about this one. Does she read my blog?


Road Redemption Screenshot

Road Redemption Screenshot

Road Rash Screenshot

Road Rash Screenshot











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GC is Getting a Reboot

Ok, ok... I know. I have this blog and I never use it. I find myself asking, "Why don't you use this?!?" The answer is simple really. I use Facebook as my way to reach out. I have done some soul-searching on this one and realized that Facebook only goes so far now-a-days. With security being so tight, with good reason, only my friends see what I post. And trust me I have come up with some GOLD in the last few months.

So here is what is going to happen:
I am actually going to use this blog! My Facebook friends, Twitter followers and now the public will be able to keep up with what it is going on in my head. As well as various and sundry things that I find. I have connected my blog to both Facebook and Twitter! So... I hope that you find some joy and amusement as well as some info.

To start, I would LOVE to share this with you guys (NSFW audio):


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ReBoot is Getting a Reboot?!?

Reboot Title Screen

Holy. Cow. Ok, so I am going to show my age here... But back in the day I lived for this cartoon. Yes I was uber geeky when I was a kid but hey, what has changed since then? I don't normally steal/link from other blogs, but when I do it has got to be awesome and this is:

For all the youngsters who are now Googling “reboot,” realizing that’s useless, and then instead Googling “reboot cartoon,” and then laughing at the image search results, your elders would like to explain to you a thing. Once upon a time, back in 1994 when the internet as we know it was still kind of a mystical thing that only scientists and weirdos used, and the ideas of “realistic” and “video game graphics” were only just starting to go together (I mean, the first Tomb Raider was still two years away), Saturday morning television had it’s very first half hour long entirely computer animated series about anthropomorphized computer components.

I cannot wait for this. Seriously. Cannot. Wait. I am currently Googling trying to find a place to watch the entire series now before the ReBoot reboot comes out. Yes, I know this is a little over the top; and yes, I know there still isn't a date. When you have a chance at reliving a part of your childhood that may have has some impact on what you are today wouldn't you do it?? I am all about it.


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The Modern Geek – Changing the Stereotype

The day of taped up glasses, suspenders and pocket protectors are quickly fading away. It's getting harder to pick the geeks out of the crowd.

Welcome to the day of the modern geek where the technically savvy not only embody intelligence but display an elegant blend of style and personality. They are less likely to be found at the bottom of the social ladder but influential in the lives of millions by their very thoughts alone. They are more likely to design, develop and maintain the systems that impact the quality of life for so many.

For some the choices of runway model, professional athlete or pop singer were serious ones but the fascination with technology drives them to choose another path; these are the modern geeks. They are hidden among the masses, only identifiable by the technology they carry buried amid their designer suits and attaché cases. The phone on their belt is not only serving as a phone but providing access to email, the internet, contact info and more. The portable music player in their shirt pocket that is used more as a backup disk than for music. An attaché case enclosing a laptop so powerful the acronyms to describe it exist only in the world of geek speak. A brain so thirsty for knowledge it consumes all information in the vicinity only to hunger for more.

This is the modern geek. They enjoy sports but only on their High Definition TV. They dominate in their basketball league, but only after selecting the perfect sneakers to maximize the effectiveness of their go to move. They are the teenagers who setup the parental controls for their mom and dad. They have parties to celebrate turning 5 years old and for gifts, ask for computer products by name.

The modern geek is everywhere and with each new generation and the progression of science and technology, they are growing to be the majority and will someday be commonplace.

As for me, I still keep a pair of taped up glasses on my desk for old time's sake.

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Remembering Joey


We have had some of the best times of our lives together... sadly those times have come to an end. I am going to miss you forever and it is with a heavy heart that I pen this letter to you. I really still cannot believe that I will never see your face again.

I was just with you on the morning of July 4th, sitting in your driveway checking out the newest edition to my fleet. You dubbed her Ethel because you didn't like my idea of Edna, which I wasn't even going to go with. Needless to say, she is going to stay as you named her. I am so glad that I got to spend that time with you even though it wasn't enough for a lifetime.

That is my most recent memory of you but there are so many more. Just the time we spent as roommates on Seip Avenue living above Liz and Dan created so many good moments that I will treasure forever. Every time I see a silver WRX STi I think of you, and now even more so. The Halloween party we had in the basement of Seip, that was a blast man. All the nights spent playing Xbox, debating anything and everything that came to mind, Spring Street Tavern nights... man, we had some crazy days.

There is nothing I can say that will make any of this better, I wish there was. I really do. I wish I could take the pain that your family feels from them, but I can't. I wish I could bring you back to your friends and family. I wish, I wish, I wish. I can't do any of these things. I can keep the memory of you alive for as long as I live and I will try my damnedest to do so. I am stopping in to see Stacey. She is going to draw up a piece for me to remember you forever. I am hoping to use some of the art you have. Also, the hot dog in a taco will never be covered up. That was your creation along with Scotty and inspired by Chris' chicken leg tattoo.

Well man, I am at a loss for words, which seems weird seeing as though I just wrote this letter to you. I hope that you rest easy up there and hope that you watch us from above. Until we meet again, my friend.


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Memorial Day (Long Weekend) Fun

In a blog post yesterday, my wife gave a preview of one of the projects I attempted and completed during our long weekend. She called it her "Garden that Love Built." I call it a raised bed garden, but I understand where she came up with the name that she did.

So for my first project, I present The Garden that Love Built. It was a fun, quick and easy build.  It took only a mere hour or two and hardly any investment at all!  I used some scrap lumber we had lying around and slapped it together. While my wife will disagree with this, she says my projects are all "infinitely more well thought out and elegant." I understand where she comes from, I am uber bothered by projects that will fall apart months after inception and think that all projects should be well thought out. Moving on, after the main structure of said garden was built I had to make the layers. I placed a section of landscape fabric down, placed the structure on top of it and then added some 2B stone for drainage and topped it all off with some garden soil.  Have a look-see below, nothing big... but it will grow some veggies!

"The Garden that Love Built"

"The Garden that Love Built"

The second project was one I have been meaning to tackle for some time now. I love fire, so why wouldn't I have a fire pit? I finally got around to creating one! This one again required little investment, and was made using material I already had lying around. You see, we seem to have this "oasis" in our back yard; it's the remnants of a once loved pool that got destroyed 2 winters ago by a freak October snowstorm. After I had dismantled the pool, saving all the metal for scrap value, it left this wonderful ring of sand that I tried to pawn off for a year or so. Needless to say, I had a bunch of takers but no one actually ever came to pick the sand up. This sand ring is now where our freshly built fire pit resides. It is actually quite nice to sit in the sand next to a fire.

This fire pit was created using a few lone cinder blocks to make the main base of the fire pit and then I decorated the ring with miscellaneous rocks I had been keeping as I found them.  I might mention that this pile of rock has been bothering my wife for some time. Now I just get to sit back and say, "You see why I have been keeping this stuff? So I can make us nice things!" However, I don't think that this will go over so well. So, check out our new fire pit:

The Fire Pit

The Fire Pit

All in all, this long weekend was a success. While I set out to do more, I was met with some setback. I also wanted to get my camper ready for the upcoming camping season. This is a whole other story for a different time. Until then my friends!

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Viva la REVIVAL!!

OK, OK... I know I sound like a broken record. In all actuality, I am being put to shame by my own wife. I started this whole blog craze (mainly fueled by my own curiosity to master the art of WordPress) and I am not even keeping up with mine. Well, this is my own fault and I think I get in my own way.

On one hand, I over think the content. I mean, the title of this blog is "Geekdom Come," so I have to post geek posts, right? Well, I have come to the realization, recently I might add, that it is my blog and I can post what I want. The title is just that... a title. I like the title and it shouldn't dictate what I post. So folks, the format is changing. I am taking back my Geekdom.

This blog is going to be what I set out for it to be a long time ago: a place for me to share. Expect to see posts that vary from the subject of chickens to video gaming and everything in between. My first post in the new format (besides this one) will be about my fun weekend and the projects I worked on!

I hope that I will retain your readership (for the few that have stuck around) and also hope to find some new readers. Maybe some will come from my wife's blog to see what her husband is really all about. Thanks for sticking around and reading!

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Battlefield goes on Sale!

Battlefield 3

Hey PC gamers, EA is slashing prices on Battlefield for a limited time! As the graphic below says, all things Battlefield up to 75% off!  That is nuts.  If you have been waiting to purchase Battlefield 3 or want to get nostalgic, now is the time to act.


Titles listed on the site:

  • Battlefield 2 Collection
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 (with select content)
  • Battlefield 3

There is also copious amounts of DLC and unlockables on sale.  Check here for the full sale.

Battlefield Sale





Saw this little diddy while catching up on some of my favorite blogs.. Who doesn't love the name Atari?? It is synonymous with video gaming!



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SimCity Beta Invites Sent!


EA has sent out the latest round of closed beta invites for SimCity.  Be sure to check your inbox if you signed up for it.  Otherwise, now may be a good time to sign up!

I just downloaded the client and it is now patching to the latest release.  I will drop some notes to this post after I have a little play time.  Keep checking back for updates.


16FEB13-1155: Still patching... one of the worst parts is waiting to play.

SimCity Patching







17FEB13-1100: Got to play for a few hours.  I couldn't take screenshots for whatever reason.  But the play was familiar and the graphics were great for what style game it is.  I am still on the fence about pre-ordering.  I think I might wait for a sale to pick this game up.

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